All Things Math

Providing families with mathematics tidbits, helping them to use their “old math” to understand their student’s “new math”.

I hope to provide bits of math information in bite-size doses to help you see what mathematics your child could be doing in school and ways you can work with them, even though their math looks and sounds a whole lot different than the way you learned it.  The math that your child is doing may help answer some of the “why’s” you had growing up as a math student. 😊

We want you to be asking your child about math and supporting them in their new learning as they grow.  I’d love to help bridge any misunderstandings or questions you may have so that you and your child can do math together to continue their learning.  Any mathematical questions can be directly to your child’s teacher or to myself, the Math Instructional Coach, at  I’d love to help.

Carmen DeRaad

Mathematics Instructional Coach, Willard Elementary