All Things Math

Providing families with mathematics tidbits, helping them to use their “old math” to understand their student’s “new math”.

I hope to provide bits of math information in bite-size doses to help you see what mathematics your child could be doing in school and ways you can work with them, even though their math looks and sounds a whole lot different than the way you learned it.  The math that your child is doing may help answer some of the “why’s” you had growing up as a math student. ?

We want you to be asking your child about math and supporting them in their new learning as they grow.  I’d love to help bridge any misunderstandings or questions you may have so that you and your child can do math together to continue their learning.  Any mathematical questions can be directly to your child’s teacher or to myself, the Math Instructional Coach, at  I’d love to help.

Carmen DeRaad

Mathematics Instructional Coach, Willard Elementary


Willard Mathematics Flip Grid

WillardMathematics FlipCode 5e6b78aa (1)

Another way to see your child and other Willard students DOING mathematics.  Check out the Willard Mathematics Flip Grid to see live clips of math going on in our classrooms!!  Use the join code 5e6b78aa if it prompts for one after you register.

If this provokes any questions please ask your child about the math they have going on in their classroom.  For further information, please reach out to your child’s teacher!  (See the staff tab at the top of the website)



Family Letters to help you understand “new math”

Click your child’s grade for their current math unit Family Letter to learn more about what they are learning and how you can help.

K1st grade2nd grade3rd4th grade5th grade

This is a sample from 3rd grade:

3rd grade fam letter example



Family readingInteractive Storybooks, embedded with math practice


Ever wish there were read-along books with questions embedded to help you know what to ask your child or what practice could happen, mathematically, while reading with them.  This is a wonderful resource!!  These stories, read online or printed to read, are just that.  With beginning, intermediate and advanced levels to provide you and your child with just-right reading and practice, this site offers both English and Spanish storybooks. Check them out!


Freckle, online math practice

Your child will have a FreckleFreckle pig account that they have access to while at Willard.  Freckle is an online resource and place for students to do teacher-led and self-paced math learning.  They earn coins as they use various math skills to solve well written math practice…plus the teacher can see how they perform and follow up with them based on their specific data.  Please ask your child’s teacher how they would prefer you use Freckle at home.